WAY SHOWER:  The world is in trouble and desperately needs help.  Chaos seems to be the order of the day.  Yet, special people are born in difficult times like these, designed to find the way through the human maelstrom to a path of clarity and peace.  Only, the path a Way Shower treads is harsh and few even attempt it.  Can Ellen find her own way?  Or is it too daunting, even with the aid of her Guardian Angel, the Archangel Daniel, who has vowed to do whatever it takes, ever step of the way, to see her through to the end.

Science Fiction Romance

Paranormal Romance Fiction

Major artwork courtesy of Kip Ayers.  His phenomenal, creative talent can be found at kipayersillustration.com

Always exploring realms that are out of this world.

Janice Dietert, Author

SHADOWS OF THE ANUNNAKI: Zechariah Sitchin discovered from Sumerian

texts that beings from the planet, Nibiru, came to Earth in search of gold and set themselves up as the gods of old.  But did he miss something as the source of their seemingly magical powers?  Enmarsikil and Astara along with 499 other Guardians and Masters would contend that he did since the Anunnaki hid their people from human knowledge.  Discover their lives, loves, heartaches and ultimate triumph in this dramatic trilogy.